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Packing Services

Take 1 Move, a local moving company serving Sumner County, TN, offers professional packing services to help ease the burden of relocating. With over five years of experience and a reputation for reliability, they are committed to delivering efficient and customer-focused services. Our packing services are designed to guarantee your valuables are properly protected and organized, offering you peace of mind during your move. Whether it's a residential or commercial move, Take 1 Move brings affordable rates and high customer satisfaction to every job, embodying their core values of dependability and efficiency.


Experience the Superior Customer-Focused Packing Services with 'Take 1 Move'! We're proud to have served Sumner County and the surrounding counties  for over five years, delivering excellent packing services with a focus on customer satisfaction. At 'Take 1 Move', we comprehend that every move is unique and requires a personalized approach. Our goal is not only to meet but exceed your expectations by offering packing services tailored to your specific needs. We're not just a local moving company, we're a team of dedicated professionals committed to making your move as smooth as possible.


We've built our reputation on providing a service that puts the customer first. We believe that a successful move starts with careful packing. That's why our team of experienced packers take utmost care to make sure your belongings, whether delicate china or bulky furniture, are safely packed and ready for the journey. Our customer-focused approach means we're always ready to go the extra mile to guarantee your items are protected and secure.

Over the years, we've had the privilege of serving numerous clients in Sumner County, TN and their positive feedback is a confirmation of our commitment to excellence. We take pride in our ability to deliver stress-free moving experiences, thanks to our meticulous packing services. Trust 'Take 1 Move' to handle your packing needs, and rest easy knowing that your move is in the hands of professionals who truly care about you and your belongings.

Why Choose Take 1 Move?

  • Over 7 Years of Proven Reliability

  • Affordable, High Satisfaction Moving Services

  • Dependable and Efficient Moves

  • Customer-First Approach in Sumner County

  • Specializing in Complete Packing Services


1. Q: What type of packing services do we offer?
A: We offer thorough packing services that cover everything from the packing of your items to their safe transportation. Our team is skilled at packing a variety of items, ensuring that they remain secure throughout the move.

2. Q:  Are your packing materials environmentally friendly?
A:  Yes, they are. We're committed to reducing our environmental impact, so we use packing materials that are recyclable and biodegradable whenever possible.

3. Q:  Can we help with packing fragile items?
A:  Absolutely! Our team has the experience and skills to pack fragile items securely. We'll make sure your delicate items are packed with the utmost care to guarantee they arrive at the new location safely.

4. Q: Can clients opt for unpacking services as well?
A:  Yes, they can. We recognize that unpacking can be as stressful as packing, so we offer unpacking services to help you settle into your new location with ease.

5. Q: Are your packing services included in the moving rate?
A: Our packing services are separate from the moving rate. We believe in transparency and affordability, so we'll give you a detailed quote upfront that breaks down all costs, including packing services.

Call For  A Quick Quote:
615 438-9289

Pastor D

“I had a company cancel on me at the last minute and I tried take 1 move and I’m grateful I did! Very professional and on time! Everything was settled in 2 hrs ahead of time. No damage to report is always a good thing. Ask for Antonio, he took care of me with no problems! ."

Tim Allen Jr

"Great company I recommend these guys to anyone! Antonio the owner was very professional and respectful if you looking for a company that handle your things with care you definitely want to reach out and support this company! I’ll definitely be using them in the future."

Kenneth Parker

“Great customer service. They worked with me on my budget and gave me a great price with moving to my new location. I highly recommend Take1Move to anyone who's looking to move in the near future. Thanks Tonio and Andrea!!.”
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